Conservatives at 2017 high as Centre, Greens slip and SDP recovers

Finland’s centre-right KOK, one of three governing coalition partners, hits a 2017 polling high in today’s monthly survey from Taloustutkimus for YLE, moving up to 21.7 per cent. Meanwhile the centrist KESK, which leads the government under PM Juha Sipila, falls below 16 per cent for the first time this year. It has not slumped this low in the current parliamentary term.


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The Green League (VIHR), which has been flying high in the polls after electing a new leader, falls back slightly. At 16.6 per cent, however, it is still achieving voting intention scores at almost double its 2015 election result of 8.5 per cent.

For the Social Democrats of the SDP, this poll will be a welcome respite as they move back into second place at 17.3 per cent and bounce back from the September YLE poll which was their worst of 2017 at just 15.6 per cent.

The populist Finns Party (PS) seems to be recovering too, after a damaging split in June, which led to the party exiting the government. The PS appears to be re-establishing its support level around the 10 per cent mark. New Alternative or Blue Reform, the defecting half of the parliamentary PS, has remained in the coalition but has yet to establish any degree of popular support. In today’s poll it secures just 1.5 per cent of voting intentions.


Voting intentions, per cent
(change on September poll)

National Coalition Party – KOK 21.7 (+0.9)
Social Democratic Party – SDP 17.3 (+1.7)
Green League – VIHR 16.6 (-1.2)
Centre Party – KESK 15.8 (-0.4)
Finns Party – PS 9.9 (-0.4)
Left Alliance – VAS 8.3 (+0.1)
Christian Democrats – KD 3.9 (+0.6)
Swedish People’s Party – RKP 3.5 (-1.0)
Others 3.0 (-0.3)

Fieldwork: 11.09-03.10.2017. Published: 05.10.2017. Participants: 1970. Methodology: Telephone poll, weighted for past voting. Media partner: YLE Uutiset. Full report here.


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