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European Polling Report covers public opinion polling, voting intentions and elections across Europe. The focus is on the latest voting intention polls for national elections. You can read more about the creator of EPR here.


Countries covered

EPR reports on polling and elections throughout Europe, both inside and outside the European Union. Usually the ‘big five’ nations – Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain – receive more attention than most countries by virtue of their population size and political and economic significance. There is also a focus on those countries where election campaigns are currently taking place. This site does not generally report on developments in Russia, Belarus, Turkey and the Ukraine.


Polls covered

Only legitimate opinion polls conforming to generally accepted professional polling standards – such as demographically representative sampling and transparent reporting of fieldwork dates and respondent numbers – are covered on this site. Self-selecting or ‘voodoo’ polls, or polls carried out by organisations not reputed to be independent or politically neutral are not reported on.

Most polls featured here focus on voting intentions for national parliamentary or presidential elections, however where sub-national elections are of particular political importance they are also feature. Examples are polls for German regional elections, for Scottish Parliamentary elections or for sub-national assemblies and parliaments in Spain and Belgium.

In most countries numerous polls report on ‘approval’ or ‘competence’ ratings for political leaders, on relative issue salience and on public opinion concerning salient issues. These polls are not generally reported here, except in passing when they are perceived to link directly to voting intention.

This is a news-based site for reporting the latest developments – discussions and controversies about polling methods and more detailed statistical analyses can be found in many other places.


Election results

This is not an election reporting site but summary articles are carried based on final official results of elections.


Health warnings

Opinion polls are snapshots of public opinion at a particular moment in time and should not be taken as forecasts of eventual election results. Despite the best efforts of polling organisations, poll results may contain errors and biases, such as in sample selection or weighting for likelihood to vote. Members of the public may also lie to pollsters. Neither opinion polling results nor any commentary upon them on this site should be relied on a basis for decisions of kind and European Polling Report declines any liability for any such decisions.



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