ANO at new 2017 high as Social Democrats slump

If last month’s CVVM poll gave some hope to Prague’s ruling CSSD with a small rise in fortunes, April’s edition has quickly smashed it again – the Prime Minister’s party slumps by six points in voting intentions to 16 per cent, its worst score of 2017 with CVVM.

For coalition partner and main rival in this October’s parliamentary elections, ANO, the news is the opposite. At 33.5 per cent, the populist centre party, headed by Finance Minister Andrej Babis, achieves its best result in any of the 20 polls carried out in the Czech Republic this year. The gap of 17.5 percentage points between the two main parties is not the biggest seen recently among all pollsters, but it is worth noting the CVVM’s respondents have generally given the Social Democrats higher ratings than most other firms.


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Junior coalition party the Christian Democrats’ (KDU-CSL) recent alliance with the Independents & Mayors movement (STAN) yields a combined total of 9.5 per cent, just below the 10 per cent needed for a two-party combination to enter parliament.

There is a useful gain in this poll for the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) which has now crept into double figures in a number of polls this year, against a score of 7.7 per cent back at the 2013 General Election. The Eurosceptic SPD falls below the 5 per cent single party seat threshold.

A large upward movement in the total for ‘others’ is mainly accounted for by the Pirates (Pirati), who battle up from 1.5 per cent in March to 3.5 per cent this month.


Voting intentions, per cent (change on 24 March poll):

ANO (‘Yes’ – centrist) 33.5 (+1.0)
CSSD (Social Democratic Party) 16.0 (-6.0)
KSCM (Communist Party) 12.5 (+0.5)
ODS (Civic Democratic Party) 10.5 (+2.0)
KDU-CSL (Christian Democrats­–People’s Party) 7.5 (+1.0)
TOP 09 (Tradition, Responsibility, Prosperity) 6.0 (+0.5)
SPD (Freedom & Direct Democracy) 3.0 (-2.0)
Others (including Pirates, Greens, STAN) 11.0 (+3.0)

Fieldwork: 03.04-13.04.2017. Released: 24.04.2017. Participants: 1033. Methodology: Telephone interviews. Basis for responses above = 528 after ‘Don’t Knows’ and ‘Won’t Vote’ excluded. Full report on the CVVM website.


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