Another downward plunge for Macron’s ratings

Ifop’s monthly poll for the Journal du Dimanche, out today, holds more grim reading for French President Emmanuel Macron. As the country gears up for the political rentrée or return to business, he has lost a staggering 28 points on the poll’s net satisfaction measure. For the first time since his election, the En Marche! founder is in negative ground overall in this series, with 57 per cent of respondents unhappy compared to 40 per cent positive.

As with Ifop’s August poll for another media client, the comparisons with Macron’s predecessors Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy are damning at this stage of his Presidency. Four months in, Hollande had a 54 per cent satisfaction ratio in 2012, and Sarkozy held 69 per cent in 2007.

Macron’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is still just about in net positive territory, and has not lost as much favour with the public as his boss (see the chart below), but he still falls by a net 17 points in a month. With controversial decisions imminent on critical labour market reforms, this is a poor omen for the PM.


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Notwithstanding these figures, the opposition ranged against the duo is still in some disarray as it holds late summer gatherings in various parts of France. Ifop also asked who best personifies the opposition to Macron’s rule. Despite their relatively small numbers of parliamentary Deputies, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (France Insoumise) and Marine Le Pen (Front National) easily top the list, with 59 and 51 per cent respectively agreeing they can form an effective opposition in the years to come. None of the figures from the Socialist (Benoit Hamon, Anne Hidalgo, Francois Hollande) or Republican (Laurent Wauquiez, Valérie Pécresse) parties scored more than 27 per cent.


IFOP Indices de popularité, August
(per cent approval, change on July in brackets)

Emmanuel Macron (President)

Total satisfied 40 (-14)
Total dissatisfied 57 (+14)
No opinion 3 (nc)
Net approval rating -17 (was +11)


Edouard Philippe (Prime Minister)

Total satisfied 47 (-9)
Total dissatisfied 45 (+8)
No opinion 8 (+1)
Net approval rating +2 (was +19)

Fieldwork: 25.08-26.08.2017. Published: 27.08.2017. Participants: 1023. Methodology: Mixed online and telephone interviews. Media partner: Le Journal du Dimanche. Full report available on the Ifop website here.


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