Another new poll high for Sweden Democrats

Today’s monthly YouGov survey for Sweden’s Metro newspaper gives the populist Sweden Democrats their second best poll score of 2017, and their best of the year with YouGov. At 25.6 per cent they are the country’s first choice on Riksdag voting intentions, moving up firmly compared to the comparable March survey as the country continues its post-mortems into the recent Stockholm terrorist attack.

The governing Social Democrats also gain sharply, adding two points to 24.1 per cent, also a best score of this year so far with YouGov.


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Curiously neither the YouGov official website nor the Metro report mention the Sweden Democrats at all, instead choosing to focus on the losses of the Left Party (Vansterpartiet), which suffers a slump in support to 6.3 per cent, one of its worst opinion poll results in the last few months. The small Liberal Party, junior coalition partner the Greens, and the Feminist Initiative are also in retreat.

This is another poor showing for the mainstream centre-right Moderate party, not much changed on March, but well below the 21 per cent it scored in YouGov’s mid-January poll.

Unsurprisingly in the wake of the Stockholm attack, the prominence of asylum and immigration policy has increased in YouGov’s monthly tracker of the top five issues facing Sweden. 49 per cent of respondents rate this their top issue of concern (up four points over March), ahead of health, crime, education and integration, in that order.


YOU GOV 20 April
Riksdag voting intentions, per cent
(change on 22 March poll in brackets)

Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats) 25.6 (+1.7)
Socialdemokraterna (Social Democrats) 24.1 (+2.1)
Moderaterna (Moderates) 15.6 (+0.2)
Centerpartiet (Centre Party) 12.8 (+0.3)
Vansterpartiet (Left Party) 6.3 (-2.4)
Liberalerna (Liberal Party) 5.5 (-1.0)
Kristdemokraterna (Christian Democrats) 3.6 (+0.6)
Miljopartiet de Grona (Green Party) 2.7 (-0.8)
Feministiskt Initiativ (Feminist Initiative) 2.5 (-1.1)
Others 1.3 (+0.2)

Fieldwork: 12.04-18.04.2017. Released: 20.04.2017. Participants: 1524. Method: Online poll, weighted for last parliamentary vote. Full tables on the YouGov website here.



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