Best Fianna Fail showing in Red C polling since July 2016

Ireland’s main opposition party, Fianna Fail, achieves its best score with pollster Red C since last summer in today’s publication for the Sunday Business Post, hitting 28 per cent of first preference voting intentions. The milestone is significant, as Fianna Fail has scored less well in 2017 with Red C than with the country’s other three active polling firms. Fianna Fail has hit 33 per cent with Millward Brown and 32 per cent with Behaviour & Attitudes, both in February; in March it reached 29 per cent with Ipsos MRBI.


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Minority governing party Fine Gael holds steady at 24 per cent in today’s survey, continuing speculation over the departure date of their leader and Taoiseach Enda Kenny, and the jostling of potential replacement candidates, not seeming to harm FG’s standing with poll respondents.

Sinn Fein gains one point to 18 per cent: the nationalist party’s score appears to be settling back into the high teens since their early March surge.

Other smaller parties see little or no movement, apart from Ireland’s large collection of independents who are collectively down three points. Among ‘Others’ listed below, Solidarity-People Before Profit is on 4 per cent, the Independent Alliance on 2 per cent, and Renua on 1 per cent.


First preference voting intentions, per cent
(change on 26 Mar poll in brackets):

  • Fianna Fail 28 (+2)
  • Fine Gael 24 (nc)
  • Sinn Fein 18 (+1)
  • Labour 6 (nc)
  • Greens 3 (-1)
  • Social Democrats 4 (+1)
  • Others 7 (nc)
  • Independents 10 (-3)

Fieldwork: 24.03-28.04.2017. Published: 30.04.2017. Participants: 1004 Methodology: Telephone poll, weighted by past voting and likelihood to vote.


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