Best Ipsos lead since January for Germany’s CDU

Chancellor Angel Merkel’s ruling Christian Democratic CDU/CSU has widened its lead over her Social Democrat (SPD) coalition partners from 10 to 12 points in today’s fortnightly poll from Ipsos Germany – the last time the margin was this wide was on 15 January. In addition the CDU score of 38 per cent is the joint best the party has achieved with Ipsos since the firm began regular Bundestag voting intention polls in September 2016.

The smaller party scores remain stable, with the Greens, Free Democrats (FDP) and Die Linke (The Left) all unchanged. The populist AfD appears to have halted its slide with Ipsos as with other pollsters, and moves up slightly to 9 per cent.


Ipsos Deutschland Sonntagsfrage for 18.06.2017.


IPSOS 15 June
Voting intentions, Bundestag, per cent
(change on 1 June in brackets):

Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) 38.0 (+2.0)
Social Democrats (SPD) 26.0 (-2.0)
Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) 9.0 (+1.0)
Left (Die Linke) 8.0 (nc)
Free Democrats (FDP) 7.0 (nc)
Greens (Die Gruenen) 7.0 (nc)
Others 4.0 (nc)

Fieldwork: 09.06-12.06.2017. Released: 15.06.2017. Participants: 1054. Method: Online poll. Ipsos Germany website here.


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