Big two steady in Ireland as Sinn Fein dips

Both opposition Fianna Fail and minority governing party Fine Gael hold steady in this month’s Red C poll published in today’s Sunday Business Post. Meanwhile Sinn Fein’s boost from Fine Gael’s troubles and a successful Northern Irish Assembly election may be starting to fade. Compared to a month ago, SF is down two points with Red C, to 17 per cent of first preference voting intentions – closer to their February 2016 General Election score of 13.9 per cent.


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Neither Enda Kenny’s protracted departure from the Taoiseach’s office nor his high-profile visit to Donald Trump’s White House seem to have shifted opinion on Fine Gael, who remain on 24 per cent, just two behind Fianna Fail and very much in line with the election result.

Labour pick up a couple of points, while the country’s large collection of independents move up three from an uncharacteristically low score in February’s survey.


First preference voting intentions in per cent (change on 26 Feb poll in brackets):

  • Fianna Fail 26 (nc)
  • Fine Gael 24 (nc)
  • Sinn Fein 17 (-2)
  • Labour 6 (+2)
  • Greens 4 (nc)
  • Social Democrats 3 (nc)
  • Others 7 (-3)
  • Independents 13 (+3)

Fieldwork: 20.03-22.03.2017. Published: 26.03.2017. Methodology: Telephone poll, weighted by past voting and likelihood to vote.


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