Danish People’s Party breaks 20 per cent barrier

Today’s weekly Voxmeter poll for Ritzau shows the populist Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, DF) on 20.9 per cent, its best score of 2017 in this pollster’s regular weekly surveys. This is also only the second time this year that it has breached the 20 per cent barrier with any pollster – and confirms a slowly rising trend for the DF in the monthly polling averages. The party is moving gradually back closer to the 21.1 per cent it scored in the June 2015 General Election, after averaging as low as 16 per cent in January and February.


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Meanwhile the ruling Liberal party (Venstre) continues to hover just above 17 per cent of voting intentions. One of its junior coalition partners in the Copenhagen’s minority government, the Liberal Alliance, is still polling slightly below its General Election result, but with broadly stable polling in recent weeks. The other, the Conservative People’s Party (KF), remains very close to that election score in this as in other polls.

The main opposition, the Social Democrats (SD), has been becalmed for several months in a range of 25 to 28 per cent in nearly all polls, and today’s Voxmeter survey is no exception. The country’s next electoral test will come in November with municipal and regional elections.


Voting intention, Folketinget, per cent
(change on previous week in brackets)

Social Democrats – SD 25.3 (-0.1)
Danish People’s Party – DF 20.9 (+1.4)
Liberals – Venstre 17.2 (-0.1) *
Red-Green Alliance – Enhedslisten 8.5 (-0.7)
Radical Liberals – RV 6.3 (-0.6)
Liberal Alliance 6.1 (-0.8) *
Centre-left – Alternativet 5.7 (+0.3)
Socialist People’s Party – SF 5.2 (+0.9)
Conservative People’s Party – KF 3.5 (-0.1) *
Others 1.3 (-0.1)

Red block (left parties) 51.0 (-0.2)
Blue block (right parties) 49.0 (+0.4)

Seat projection: Red 90, Blue 85

*denotes member of governing coalition

Fieldwork: 26.06-02.06.2017. Published (on Voxmeter website): 03.07.2017. Participants: 1084. Methodology: Telephone poll. Further details from Voxmeter here.


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