DF fails to hold its ground above 20 per cent

Denmark’s Voxmeter polls for Ritzau, usually published weekly, are back after a five-week summer pause with some interesting movements in voting intentions. The biggest opposition party, the Social Democrats (SD), moves up 1.6 percentage points to 26.9 per cent. The next largest force, the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, DF) has failed to consolidate its very good score of early July and falls back two points to just under 19 per cent.


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Meanwhile the three parties making up Copenhagen’s minority coalition (the Liberals, the Liberal Alliance and the Conservative People’s Party) edge up just 1.6 points between them. Both the Socialist People’s Party (SF) and the Radical Liberals (RV) lose a point.

Despite all these movements Voxmeter’s seat projection between the left and right (or ‘red’ and ‘blue’) blocs is unchanged.


Voting intention, Folketinget, per cent
(change on 3 July in brackets)

Social Democrats – SD 26.9 (+1.6)
Danish People’s Party – DF 18.9 (-2.0)
Liberals – Venstre 17.8 (+0.6) *
Red-Green Alliance – Enhedslisten 9.1 (+0.6)
Liberal Alliance 6.4 (+0.3) *
Centre-left – Alternativet 5.7 (nc)
Radical Liberals – RV 5.2 (-1.1)
Conservative People’s Party – KF 4.2 (+0.7) *
Socialist People’s Party – SF 4.1 (-1.1)
Others 1.6 (+0.3)


Red block (left parties) 51.0 (nc)
Blue block (right parties) 48.8 (-0.2)

Seat projection: Red 90, Blue 85 (nc)

*denotes member of governing coalition

Fieldwork: 31.07-06.08.2017. Published (on Voxmeter website): 07.07.2017. Participants: 1021. Methodology: Telephone poll. Further details from Voxmeter here.


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