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National Elections 2017


15 March: Netherlands, Parliament

150 seats to be elected for the Tweede Kamer (lower house) for a four year term. Election by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency. Results here.


26 March: Bulgaria, Parliament

Early elections to the unicameral National Assembly, following the resignation of the Prime Minister. 240 members to be elected in 31 multi-member constituencies, 31 by first-past-the-post, 209 by proportional representation on party lists. 4 per cent national vote threshold for parties to enter parliament. Results here.


2 April: Serbia, Presidential

Election of President for a five year term. Second round run-off on 16 April if required. Results here.


23 April & 7 May: France, Presidential

Two rounds of voting to elect President of the Republic for a five year term. Leading two candidates from the first round advance to a run-off head-to-head second round.
First round results here.
Second round results here.


3 June: Malta, Parliament

Early election for the House of Representatives (sole chamber of parliament). 65 members to be elected by Single Transferable Vote in 13 electoral districts for a five year term, with potential for additional seats to be created to ensure a proportional outcome. Results here.


8 June: United Kingdom, Parliament

Early election of 650 members of the House of Commons (lower house) for a five year term. First-past-the-post system using single-member constituencies. Latest polling here.


11 & 18 June: France, Parliament

Election of 577 deputies to the National Assembly for a five year term. Two round voting system: candidates obtaining more than 50 per cent are elected on the first round. Failing this, the leading two candidates, as well as any candidate obtaining more than 12.5 per cent (of the total electorate), advance to a run-off second round.
First round results here.
Second round results here.


11 June: Kosovo, Parliament

Early elections following a motion of no-confidence in the government. 120 members of unicameral assembly to be elected by proportional representation, with 20 seats reserved for national minorities.


25 June: Albania, Parliament

140 members of the unicameral parliament to be elected for a four year term by proportional representation in 12 multi-member constituencies. Results here.


11 September: Norway, Parliament

169 members of the Storting, sole parliamentary chamber, to be elected by proportional representation in 19 multi-member constituencies. Four year term. Latest polling here.


24 September: Germany, Parliament

Elections to the Bundestag (Federal Parliament) for a four year term. Mixed-member proportional representation, electors having two voters, one for a constituency member elected by first-past-the-post (299 seats), one for a regional top-up party list to adjust results in proportion. 5 per cent national vote threshold for parties to obtain seats. Base size of the Bundestag 598 seats, final number may exceed this. Results here.


24 September: France, Senate

170 of 348 seats in the French Senate (upper house of parliament) to be filled by indirect election. Six year term. Electoral college consists of deputies, senators, regional councillors, departmental councillors and delegates representing municipal councillors.


15 October: Austria, Parliament

Early election of 183 members of the Federal Parliament’s lower house or Nationalrat. Election by complex three-level proportional representation system with a 4 per cent national vote threshold. Five year term. Results here.


20-21 October: Czech Republic, Parliament

200 members of the Chamber of Deputies to be elected for a four year term by proportional representation in 14 multi-member constituencies. 5 per cent national vote threshold for single parties to obtain seats, 10 per cent threshold for two-party alliances. Latest polling here.


22 October & 12 November: Slovenia, Presidential

Direct election of the President for a five year term. Provision for a run-off between the two leading candidates if no candidate receives a majority of votes cast. First round results here.


28 October: Iceland, Parliament

‘Snap’ early election following collapse of coalition government. 63 members of the Althing to be elected by proportional representation in six multi-member constitutuencies – 53 seats based on constituency results, 9 ‘top up’ seats awarded to parties scoring above 5 per cent national threshold. Results here.


Regional and Local Elections 2017

2 March: United Kingdom, Northern Ireland Assembly. Results here.

26 March: Germany, Saarland regional parliament. Report here.

9 April: Finland, municipal elections. Latest polling here.

4 May: United Kingdom, local elections. Preview here.

7 May: Germany, Schleswig-Holstein regional parliament. Results here.

14 May: Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen regional parliament. Results here.

20 May & 4 June: Croatia, local elections (two rounds).

3 June: Latvia, local elections

11 June: Italy, communal elections. Results here.

10 September: Norway, municipal elections

1 October: Portugal, municipal elections. Results here.

1 October: Austria, local elections in Burgenland

8 October: Luxembourg, municipal elections

15 October: Germany, Niedersachsen regional parliament. Results here.

15 October: Austria, local elections in Krems

22 October: Kosovo, local elections

4 November: Slovakia, regional elections

5 November: Italy, regional election in Sicily

21 November: Denmark, municipal and regional elections

3 & 10 December: France, regional election in Corsica (two rounds). Results here.

21 December: Spain, regional elections in Catalonia


Referenda 2017

12 February: Switzerland, referenda on corporate tax reform, citizenship rights and infrastructure fund. Results here.

21 May: Switzerland, referendum on energy policy. Results here.

24 September: Switzerland, three referenda: two on pension reform, one on food security. Results here.

1 October: Catalonia, referendum on independence from Spain.


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