Election result: Albanian Parliament 2017

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama achieved his goal of an absolute majority in Sunday’s parliamentary election. With nearly all counting completed last night (Tuesday), his Socialist Party of Albania (PS) had secured 74 seats in the 140-strong Assembly, enabling him to wave goodbye to previous coalition partners the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI).

In Albania’s highly proportional electoral system, with deputies being elected in 12 large county constituencies, Rama needed to do very well to govern alone, and he duly accumulated over 48 per cent of the votes, a seven-point gain over the last election in June 2013. The PS topped the poll in 10 of the 12 counties, excluding only Shkoder and Kukes in the north of the country.

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) fell back by around 1.8 per cent and lost seven seats. For its part the LSI, which has been the ‘kingmaker’ party for the last eight years, will be disappointed to see growth in seats to 19 and an advance in vote share from 10 to 14 per cent going unrewarded in the new term.

Three small parties who had a presence in the outgoing Assembly lost their last footholds: the Republican Party (PR), the Christian Democrats (PKD) and the Greek minority Unity for Human Rights Party. The nationalist PDIU keeps a small group of three. Recently founded centrist parties LIBRA and SFIDA made practically no impact.


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Turnout was very low at just 47 per cent, despite the electoral authorities’ decision to extend the opening of polling stations by one hour. Although the conduct of the election was probably not to western European standards, with isolated reports of vote buying and violence on polling day, this is already considered one of Albania’s more peaceful and transparent exercises in democracy. The decision was taken in May to postpone the vote by a week, in the context of a wider agreement between the parties to defuse political tensions: both appear to have been successful.


Four year term
Votes by party, absolute and per cent
(23 June 2013 percentage in brackets)

Socialist Party of Albania (PS) 757,088 or 48.33% (41.36)
Democratic Party of Albania (DP) 451,837 or 28.84% (30.63)
Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) 223,453 or 14.26% (10.46)
Party for Justice, Integration & Unity (PDIU) 75,202 or 4.80% (2.61)
Libra Party (LIBRA) 19,579 or 1.25% (n/a)
Social Democratic Party of Albania (PSD) 14,613 or 0.93% (0.59)
New Democratic Spirit (FRD) 5,087 or 0.32% (1.70)
Republican Party of Albania (PR) 3,798 or 0.24% (3.02)
Challenge for Albania (SFIDA!) 3,504 or 0.22% (n/a)
Social Democracy Party of Albania (PDS) 2,515 or 0.16% (0.69)
Christian Democrat Party (PKD) 2,497 or 0.16% (0.46)
Party for Future of Greek Minority (MEGA/EEM) 2,276 or 0.15% (0.19)
Others (6 parties) 5,026 or 0.32% (n/a)

46.79 per cent (2013: 53.52%)
Voted: 1,597,965
Eligible voters: 3,452, 324
Preliminary results based on 99.01% of votes counted


Seats in Parliament
(Change on previous term)

Socialist Party (PS) 74 (+9)
Democratic Party 43 (-7)
Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) 19 (+3)
Justice, Integration & Unity (PDIU) 3 (-1)
Social Democrats (PSD) 1 (+1)
Others 0 (-5)

Total: 140 seats

Source: Central Election Commission, Albania. Full results here.


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