Election result: Hungarian Presidency 2017

With a crushing majority for the ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance in place in the Hungarian parliament, today’s indirect election for the Head of State’s post was a foregone conclusion for their candidate Janos Ader. The incumbent since 2012, Ader was running for a second five-year term.

The Presidential election rules required a two-thirds majority on the first round, or failing that, a simple majority in a second round – both votes being conducted by secret ballot among the 199 members of Budapest’s unicameral parliament.

Laszlo Majtenyi, candidate of several left-wing opposition parties and a former data protection commissioner, did succeed in taking the election to a second stage, with Ader falling just two votes short of the two-thirds required. While Ader’s support remained rock solid between the two rounds, Majtenyi lost a small number of members’ votes in the second.

Far-right nationalist party Jobbik, with 24 seats in the house, abstained from the process.

The Presidential role is largely a ceremonial one, however some limited powers exist in respect of ‘special’ legislation and referring Acts of Parliament to the Consitutional Court to test their conformity with the Fundamental Law.


Monday 13 March 2017

Janos Ader 131
Laszlo Majtenyi 44
Absent 24

Janos Ader 131
Laszlo Majtenyi 39
Absent 29


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