Election result: Monaco National Council 2018

The newly-created Primo! list led by former National Council President Stéphane Valeri swept to victory in yesterday’s parliamentary elections in the Principality of Monaco. Primo! took 21 of the 24 seats available for the legislature of the tiny Mediterranean enclave, obtaining an absolute majority of the votes cast.

Horizon Monaco, which had dominated the previous parliament but was weakened by deep divisions among its leadership, saw its representation plummet from 20 to just 2 seats. For the second election in a row there was no momentum for the Union Monégasque, which is now reduced to a sole seat in the National Council.

Turnout, at just over 70 per cent, was down by four percentage points compared to 2013.

For Valeri, the success of Primo! marks the second time he has created and led a new electoral force to victory in Monaco. His Union pour Monaco (forerunner of the Union Monégasque) easily won both the 2003 and 2008 elections, enabling him to lead the National Council between 2003 and 2010.

16 of the 24 National Council seats are filled by candidates receiving the most votes, with the remaining eight allocated proportionally by party support, subject to a 5 per cent threshold. Legislative powers are shared with the Prince of Monaco.


MONACO 11 February 2018
Election of Conseil National
Five year term

Votes by party, numbers and per cent:

Primo! Priorité Monaco 63,806 votes or 57.71%
Horizon Monaco 28,858 or 26.10%
Union Monégasque 17,895 or 16.19%


Seat allocation in Conseil National:
(2013 election in brackets)

Primo! Priorité Monaco 21 (n/a)
Horizon Monaco 2 (20)
Union Monégasque 1 (3)
Others 0 (1)

Total seats: 24 (previously 24)


Eligible voters: 7,245
Ballots cast: 5,097
‘Nul’ ballots: 175
‘Blank’ ballots: 100
Turnout: 70.39% (2013: 74.55%)

Source: Mairie de Monaco. Official results here.


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