Eurogroup deal fails to convince Greeks

This month’s agreement between Greece and its European creditors has failed to convince Greek voters and contributed to a further slide in the government’s poll ratings, according to last night’s University of Macedonia (Pamak) survey for Skai TV.

At 15 per cent of voting intentions, down from 16.5 per cent, the left-wing Syriza administration slides to its lowest score in any monthly Skai poll this year. The main opposition New Democracy (ND) party is on 33 per cent, broadly in line with its scores in most recent polls. (As with other Greek polls, the Skai figures include Don’t Know and Won’t Say responses, running at 16.5 per cent in this case).


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Syriza’s poor showing tallies with heavy public disapproval for the temporary bailout deal which effectively pushes back a long-term solution for Greece’s debt mountain into mid-2018. 71.5 per cent of Greeks believe the country got a poor deal, including 60.5 per cent of the government’s own supporters. Some 77.5 per cent feel the government is not negotiating well when it comes to reducing the national debt and 82.5 per cent think Greece is condemned to continuous austerity. Fieldwork for the survey was carried out around a week after the 15 June agreement at the Eurogroup in Luxembourg and after heavy media coverage of the negotiations.

In tandem with a weak score for his party, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras trails New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the ‘best Prime Minister’ question by 16 to 33 per cent (47.5 per cent say neither!). Perhaps not surprisingly given the government’s terrible opinion ratings, some 69.5 per cent of respondents believe ND will win the next election, compared to only 10.5 per cent saying Syriza will take the victory.

There is little movement among the smaller parties, with only three of them polling above the 3 per cent threshold for entering parliament. The humiliation of the formerly powerful PASOK socialist party continues as it sits behind the Communists (KKE) and ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn.


Voting intentions, per cent
(Change on May poll in brackets)

Nea Dimokratia (New Democracy) 33.0 (+0.5)
Syriza (Coalition of the Radical Left) 15.0 (-1.5)
KKE (Communist Party of Greece) 7.5 (nc)
Chrysi Avyi (Golden Dawn) 7.0 (-0.5)
PASOK (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) 6.0 (+0.5)
Enosi Kentroon (Union of Centrists) 2.5 (nc)
To Potami (The River) 2.0 (+0.5)
ANEL (Independent Greeks) 2.0 (nc)
Laiki Enotita (Popular Unity) 1.5 (+0.5)
Others 7.0 (-2.0)

Don’t Know / No Response 16.5 (+2.0)

Fieldwork: 21.06-23.06.2017. Participants: 1145. Method: Telephone poll.


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