Fico remains in pole position in Slovakia

Just over a year has passed since Slovakia’s current coalition government was sworn in late March 2016. As this month’s poll from Median SK shows below, little has changed in the balance of forces since then, apart from the implosion of then-junior coalition partner Siet (Network) last summer.


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Prime Minister Robert Fico of the ruling centre-left SMER-SD can be happy to see his polling score lying just 1.3 points adrift of the 2016 election result – indeed all but two of the eleven polls carried out in the country so far this year have placed SMER on 27 or 28 per cent. His party appears untouched by alleged corruption scandals and controversy about repealing amnesties dating from the Vladimir Meciar era.

Controversial coalition partner the Slovak National Party (SNS) is slightly ahead of its election score, at 10 per cent. The other coalition member, centre-right ethnic Hungarian party Most-Hid, is equally undamaged by government participation, polling very much in line with the election outcome.

It is the main opposition, the liberal Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) who can take most comfort from this poll, achieving one of their better ratings of the year at 16 per cent. The other large opposition groups – far-right L’SNS and OL’aNO – are steady. Three of the smaller parties – the Christian Democrat KDH, ethnic Hungarian party SMK-MKP and new anti-migrant party Sme Rodina – all flirt with the 5 per cent threshold for entering parliament.

As for Siet, a centrist group founded in June 2014, their remnants score just 1.5 per cent, with most MPs having defected and a merger under consideration.


Voting intentions, per cent
(Change on 10 March poll in brackets)

Direction-Social Democracy – SMER-SD 27.0 (nc)
Freedom and Solidarity – SaS 16.0 (+0.5)
Ordinary People & Independent Personalities – OL’aNO 10.0 (+0.5)
Slovak National Party – SNS 10.0 (nc)
Kotleba – People’s Party Our Slovakia – L’SNS 9.0 (-0.5)
Bridge – Most-Hid 7.0 (+0.5)
Christian Democratic Movement – KDH 6.5 (+0.5)
We are Family – Sme Rodina 6.0 (-0.5)
Party of the Hungarian Community – SMK-MKP 4.5 (nc)
Network ­– Siet 1.5 (-0.5)
Others 2.5 (-0.5)

Fieldwork: 20.02-19.03.2017. Publication: 07.04.2017. Participants: 1018. Method: Combined face-to-face and telephone poll.


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