HDZ support slips to six month low

Croatia’s ruling conservative HDZ party saw its lowest ratings in any monthly CRO Demoskop poll since May, with the release of November’s survey yesterday. The HDZ slipped 2.2 percentage points, cutting its lead over the opposition Social Democrats (SDP) to single figures for the first time in five months in this series of polls from the Promocija Plus agency. (Croatia’s other pollster, Ipsos Puls, has also shown 10 to 12 point leads for the HDZ throughout 2017).


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Meanwhile the centrists of Most enjoyed their best score in any poll since May, moving up nearly one point to 8.7 per cent. The populist Zivi Zid made a similar advance. There was little change among the myriad of smaller parties.

Just over a year into the current government’s term, the troubles at conglomerate Agrokor, Croatia’s largest company, continue to dominate the country’s politics. Some 69.8 per cent of respondents to CRO Demoskop rated this as the most significant current issue. The Agrokor saga is clearly dragging on the government’s popularity, with just 30.1 per cent approving of its work, down from 35.2 per cent in October. A related question found that 76.8 per cent believe Croatia is moving in the ‘wrong direction’, up from 74.4 per cent in October.


(change on 7 October poll)

Croatian Democratic Union, (HDZ) 31.3 (-2.2)
Social Democratic Party (SDP) 22.9 (+0.8)
Bridge (Most) 8.7 (+0.9)
Living Wall (Zivi Zid) 7.5 (+0.9)
Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) 3.1 (+0.2)
Bandic Milan (BM) 2.3 (nc)
Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS) 1.4 (+0.1)
Croatian People’s Party (HNS) 1.2 (-0.1)
Smart (Pametno) 0.8 (-0.7)
Others 8.5 (+0.1)

Undecided etc. 12.2 (+0.1)

Fieldwork: 31.10-04.11.2017. Published: 05.11.2017. Participants: 1300. Method: Telephone poll. Media partner: N1. More information on the Promocija Plus website here.


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