Junior coalition partners frozen out by Iceland voters

Both the governing Independence Party and the biggest opposition group, the Left Green Movement, achieve their best scores of 2017 in today’s University of Iceland opinion poll commissioned jointly by the Fréttabladid newspaper, its publisher Visir and sister TV channel Stod 2.

At 32.1 per cent, Independence is polling at 5.5 points above this month’s Gallup poll (2 February) and 6.7 points above the latest MMR survey (14 February).

Reaching 27.3 per cent, Vinstri-Graen continues the stunning rise it has enjoyed since last October’s General Election, when it polled 15.9 per cent.

As in MMR’s findings, the anti-establishment Pirates demonstrate they may be stabilising their position in the polls, being credited here with 14.3 per cent.

It is the junior coalition partners of Independence, Bright Future and Reform (also referred to by some in English as Restoration or Regeneration), who appeared to be suffering from their participation in a government that is only two and a half months old. Both parties sink to their lowest scores of the year with any pollster in today’s survey, far below their General Election results.

The last Fréttabladid poll was published back in mid-December, so the comparisons below give a good sense of longer-term opinion movements.


Voting intentions, per cent (change on 14 Dec poll in brackets):

Sjalfstaedisflokkurinn* (Independence Party) 32.1 (+0.3)
Vinstri-Graen (Left Green Movement) 27.3 (+10.3)
Piratar (Pirate Party) 14.3 (+1.2)
Framsoknarflokkurinn (Progressive Party) 7.0 (-2.7)
Samfylkingin (Social Democratic Alliance) 8.8 (+3.2)
Bjort framtid* (Bright Future) 3.8 (-7.0)
Vidreisn* (Reform Party) 3.1 (-7.0)
Others 3.6 (+1.7)

*Denotes governing coalition party.
Fieldwork: 20.03-21.03.2017. Published: 23.03.2017. Participants: 1242. Methodology: Telephone interviews.


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