Schulz candidacy shakes up German national polls

The selection of former European Parliament President Martin Schulz as the SPD’s candidate to take on Angel Merkel in this September’s Bundestag elections has led to some uncharacteristically sharp movements in German polling this week.


The opposition Social Democrats, long marooned on low ratings barely above 20 per cent, will take comfort from a rapid surge across three polls released since Schulz’s confirmation as party leader and Chancellor candidate on 29 January.

The SPD is now scoring between 26 and 28 per cent in voting intentions, with rivals CDU/CSU, Greens and the AfD all seeing modest declines. The FDP’s support appears relatively stable as does that of Die Linke.

Note though that some of the fieldwork for these polls was carried out prior to Schulz’s formal installation – raising the prospect that further gains in SPD support may be ahead.

Key polling scores, with percentage changes over the same pollster’s previous release:

Infratest dimap (02.02.2017): CDU/CSU 34 (-1), SPD 27 (+4), FDP 6 (nc), Gruenen 8 (-1), Linke 8 (nc), AfD 12 (-2)
Forsa (01.02.2017): CDU/CSU 35 (-2), SPD 26 (+5), FDP 6 (nc), Gruenen 8 (-2), Linke 9 (nc), AfD 11 (-1)
Insa/YouGov (30.1.17): CDU/CSU 32.5 (nc), SPD 26 (+5), FDP 6.5 (-1), Gruenen 7.5 (-1), Linke 10.5 (-0.5), AfD 13 (-1.5)


Top photograph: Looking towards the summit of The Brocken, Harz mountains, Germany, with traces of the former East-West German border visible. Photo: Andrew Cornwell. All rights reserved.


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