May widens personal lead yet further

Perhaps Britain’s opinion researchers and their media clients are getting bored with tediously large Conservative leads over Labour – the flow of voting intention polls has slowed almost to a trickle. YouGov’s survey for The Times newspaper released today is only the second such poll of April: its findings once again show an enormous government advantage of 17 points. With Labour unchanged on 25 per cent of voting intentions, the small movements to note are a one-point drop for the Conservatives (to 42 per cent) and a similar gain for UKIP (to 11 per cent). The change within ‘Others’ (SNP, PC, Greens) from 10 to 11 per cent appears to be due to rounding.

Incumbent Theresa May’s lead over Jeremy Corbyn on the ‘best Prime Minister’ question widens by a significant five points, to a whopping 51-13 advantage; 36 per cent are ‘not sure’.

The government’s handling of Brexit negotiations – seen as the most important issue facing the country by respondents – has slipped from a small net positive rating (+2) to a small net negative (-4) compared to YouGov’s last poll issued nearly a fortnight ago. Doubts on that key issue do not yet seem to be translating into any damage for either the Conservatives’ or May’s standing.


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Fieldwork: 05.04-06.04.2017. Released: 11.04.2017. Participants: 1651. Method: Online poll, weighted by likelihood to vote. Full tables on the YouGov site here.



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