No New Year cheer for HDZ as Croatia’s ruling party continues poll slide

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) sees its support fall below the critical 30 per cent mark in the first CRO Demoskop survey of the year from Zagreb’s Promocija Plus agency. While the governing HDZ flirted with the 30 per cent mark in a couple of polls during 2017, this is the first time that barrier has been breached since the September 2016 parliamentary elections. Fallout from the Agrokor affair continues to take its toll on the minority government, and recent developments in the border dispute with neighbouring Slovenia may also be negative for Andrej Plenkovic’s administration: indeed this is now perceived as the most significent current issue among voters questioned.

As the chart below shows, the main opposition Social Democrats (SDP) are still failing to profit from the dip in the HDZ’s support and the government’s ongoing parliamentary weakness – SDP voting intentions are also down in this poll. Instead third placed Zivi Zid consolidiates recent gains, moving up to 11.4 per cent support. Back in the autumn Zivi Zid was scoring around 6 per cent in the monthly CRO Demoskop surveys.


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(change on 7 December poll)

Croatian Democratic Union, (HDZ) 29.0 (-1.8)
Social Democratic Party (SDP) 20.6 (-1.7)
Living Wall (Zivi Zid) 11.4 (+0.4)
Bridge (Most) 7.0 (-0.5)
Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) 3.2 (-0.3)
Bandic Milan (BM) 2.3 (+0.2)
Independence for Croatia (Neovisni za Hrvatsku) 1.6 (-0.1)
Croatian People’s Party (HNS) 1.4 (+0.1)
Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS) 1.2 (+0.1)
Smart (Pametno) 1.2 (+0.6)
Others 6.5 (+1.2)

Undecided etc. 14.6 (+2.7)

Fieldwork: 02.01-05.01.2018. Published: 07.01.2018. Participants: 1300. Method: Telephone poll. Media partner: N1. More information on the Promocija Plus website here.


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