Norway’s Progress drops three points in a month

The populist Fremskrittpartiet (Progress Party, FRP) turns in a weak performance in today’s monthly Opinion Perduco poll for ANB. It is down 3.1 percentage points compared to May’s poll, to just 12 per cent of voting intentions. Importantly this puts it behind the revitalised Senterpartiet (Centre Party, SP) who achieve their best score of 2017 with Opinion Perduco at 12.8 per cent.

Both the ruling Conservatives (Hoyre) and the main opposition Labour Party (AP) see their scores rise. In Labour’s case this will be a particular relief since their May total of 29.4 per cent was one of their poorer poll results of the year, and a rare foray below the 30 per cent barrier.

Smaller parties are largely unchanged, with the exception of the left-wing Rodt (Red) grouping, which loses two points from 3.8 to just 1.6 per cent. However given the poll was carried out on a sample of 935 participants, perhaps not too much should be read into this movement. The score for the Green Party is also worth noting: at 3.8 per cent it is their best result with any of the country’s eight opinion polling firms this year.

Norwegians are due to elect a new Storting (parliament) on 11 September. 3.7 million electors will be entitled to vote.


Storting voting intentions, per cent
(change on 19 May in brackets)

Labour Party (AP) 32.6 (+3.2)
Conservatives (Hoyre) *  23.1 (+1.3)
Centre Party (SP) 12.8 (+0.7)
Progress Party (FRP) *  12.0 (-3.1)
Christian People’s Party (KRF) *  5.3 (-0.2)
Socialist Left Party (SV) 4.1 (nc)
Greens (MDG) 3.8 (+0.7)
Liberals (Venstre) *  3.5 (+0.3)
Red Party (Rodt) 1.6 (-2.2)
Others 1.3 (-0.8)

*denotes member of coalition government

Fieldwork: 06.06-12.06.2017. Published: 15.06.2017. Participants: 935. Media partner: Avisenes Nyhetsbyra.


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