Record score for Finland’s Greens as Social Democrats fall to fourth place

Finland’s Green League (VIHR) achieves its best score of this parliamentary term with pollster Taloustutkimus in its monthly survey for broadcaster YLE, out today. VIHR gains 1.6 points to move to 17.6 per cent of voting intentions, way in advance of both the 8.5 per cent achieved at the 2015 parliamentary election and the 12.5 per cent won in this spring’s local elections. Hand in hand with this surge, the Social Democrats (SDP) slip to fourth behind the Greens, the Centre Party (KESK), and the centre-right National Coalition (KOK).


YLE/Taloustutkimus August 2017


As well as taking support from the Social Democrats, the Greens may well be eating into the vote of the Left Alliance (VAS), which is down 1.5 points compared to July’s poll. The populist Finns Party (PS) retains remarkably stable support following the June split within its parliamentary group. In contrast to the Finns’ 8.8 per cent of voting intentions, the New Alternative (UV) grouping of their defecting MPs scores just 1.6 per cent in this survey.


Voting intentions, per cent
(change on July poll)

National Coalition Party – KOK 20.8 (+0.4)
Green League – VIHR 17.6 (+1.6)
Centre Party – KESK 17.3 (+0.6)
Social Democratic Party – SDP 15.9 (-2.6)
Finns Party – PS 8.8 (+0.7)
Left Alliance – VAS 7.7 (-1.5)
Swedish People’s Party – RKP 4.8 (+0.1)
Christian Democrats – KD 3.7 (-0.2)
Others 3.4 (+0.9)

Fieldwork: 24.07-15.08.2017. Published: 17.08.2017. Participants: 1962. Methodology: Telephone poll. Media partner: YLE Uutiset. Full report here.


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