Solid poll for ruling HDZ amid Croatia turmoil

Instability caused by the breakdown of the ruling coalition, the prospect of a snap election and the ongoing financial crisis at Agrokor, the country’s biggest private company, seems to have done little to dent the polling performance of the ruling conservative HDZ party.

Yesterday’s monthly CRO Demoskop survey from Promocija Plus gave the HDZ 34 per cent of voting intentions, their best showing with either of Croatia’s two main pollsters since February – and up 3.2 points over May. At the same time the main opposition Social Democrats (SDP) are also polling well, scoring 24.8 per cent, their highest total of 2017 so far. (The CRO Demoskop poll includes Don’t Knows and non-voters totalling 9.8 per cent).


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Most, the junior coalition partner dramatically dumped by HDZ premier Andrej Plenkovic in late April, sinks three points in this poll to 7.2 per cent, its joint lowest score of the year. The populist Zivi Zid party (‘Living Wall’) also falls, by 1.5 points compared to May. There is no notable movement among the many minor political forces.

With local elections now out of the way, the moment of truth looms for Plenkovic: either he will manage to form a new coalition fairly quickly, or Croatia’s third parliamentary election in three years will become inevitable.


(change on 6 May poll)

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 34.0 (+3.2)
Social Democratic Party (SDP) 24.8 (+0.7)
Bridge (Most) 7.2 (-3.0)
Living Wall (Zivi Zid) 6.1 (-1.5)
Croatian People’s Party (HNS) 3.0 (-0.6)
Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) 2.9 (+0.6)
Smart (Pametno) 2.0 (nc)
Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS) 1.8 (+0.1)
Bandic Milan (BM) 1.7 (+0.4)
Others 6.8 (+1.3)

Undecided etc. 9.8 (-0.9)

Fieldwork: 01.06-03.06.2017. Published: 06.06.2017. Method: Telephone poll.


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