UK: Labour matches historic poll low

Today’s latest YouGov / The Times poll shows the British opposition party down at 24 per cent support in voting intentions, matching the same firm’s findings of 19 December. These two polls are the lowest Labour scores since September 2009.


'Black and white' house, Shropshire, England. Photo: Andrew Cornwell. All rights reserved.


While the Conservatives are unchanged since YouGov’s last survey on 40 per cent, Labour’s slip of two points enables the governing party to broaden its lead to 16 per cent. UKIP moves up two points with all other parties’ support static.

A number of media commentators have focussed on the social grade breakdown of YouGov’s findings, showing that Labour now sits in third place among its traditional working class supporters (C2,D,E groups), behind the Tories and UKIP.

These headline voting intention figures reinforce the difficulties faced by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. In other YouGov research released a few days earlier, his net favourability rating had sunk to -40 points, compared to +6 for Prime Minister Theresa May (fieldwork 2-3 February).

Voting intentions for General Election in per cent (change on 2 February YouGov poll in brackets):

  • Conservatives  40 (nc)
  • Labour  24 (-2)
  • Liberal Democrats  11 (nc)
  • UKIP  14 (+2)
  • Greens  4 (nc)
  • SNP / PC  6 (nc)
  • Other  1 (nc)


Fieldwork: 05.02-06.02.2017. Released: 13.02.2017. Participants: 1704. Method: Online, weighted by likelihood to vote. Full tables on the YouGov website.


‘Black and white’ house, Shropshire, England. Photo: Andrew Cornwell. All rights reserved.


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