Worse poll for Norway’s Labour under Store leadership

Today’s Opinion Perduco poll for news agency ANB shows the ruling Conservatives (Hoyre) riding high on the back of their annual conference or ‘national meeting’, which has adopted a voter-friendly platform aimed firmly at September’s General Election.

Pragmatic policy compromises and media attention surrounding the gathering helped Hoyre to its best score of the year with any of Norway’s eight pollsters at 26.3 per cent – and very close to their last General Election score of 26.8.

Meanwhile the opposition Labour Party (AP) sees its support sink below 30 per cent, its worst polling since current leader Jonas Gahr Store took over from Jens Stoltenberg in June 2014.

Hoyre have been consistently polling well behind Labour, with an average deficit across all pollsters of 7.5 points in February and 12.1 points in January, so the shock caused by this survey – with its gap of just three points – will be considerable. Whether the poll will turn out to be an outlier, given other recent findings, remains to be seen. Note too that part of the research was carried out before the Hoyre gathering, so the full impact of decisions there has not yet worked into the polling.

Junior coalition partner the Progress Party (FRP) saw its support hold firm, while the Christian People’s Party (KRF), which along with Venstre (Liberals) gives parliamentary support to the government, advanced to 5.5 per cent.

The recently strengthened opposition Centre Party (SP) achieves 9.7 per cent backing here, not as high as with other pollsters, but still its best score of 2017 with Opinion Perduco.


Storting voting intentions, per cent (change on 16 Feb):

Labour Party (AP) 29.5 (-4.0)
Conservatives (Hoyre) 26.3 (+3.1)
Progress Party (FRP) 14.3 (+0.1)
Centre Party (SP) 9.7 (+0.1)
Christian People’s Party (KRF) 5.5 (+1.1)
Liberals (Venstre) 3.8 (-0.2)
Socialist Left Party (SV) 5.4 (+1.4)
Greens (MDG) 2.2 (-0.4)
Red Party (Rodt) 1.5 (-1.8)
Others 1.9 (+0.7).

Fieldwork: 07.03-13.03.2017. Released: 16.03.2017. Participants: 954. Methodology: Telephone poll.


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